Jeans Model - Wyldfire poses for billboards \m/
Monday, April 04, 2005

If there is something that I love the most from the youth ministry(WIN-WYLDFIRE) I belong, it is the spontaineity of the group. I mean, crazy ideas can just pop anywhere, and before even knowing it, we are already doing stuffs that we wouldn't normally do in public...

For instance last Easter Sunday, while waiting for the bus going to Ate Cla's house we had several nice shots mimicking the Levi's jeans advertisement we see in the billboards. Man, it was so hilarious! It started with, u know, *casual* photos (who doesn't love photos?) and then we started making these poses and stance as if we are real models... heheh... i'm not even sure why we reached that point. It might be becoz we were still "fired-up" from the church service, or that we are too excited from the easter celebration we did later, or that we are simply dorks who love photos. But hey, a small dose of "good-fun" is actually good and can even make you thirst for better ones...

Anyway, these are some of the pics:

while waiting for the bus

While on the bus...

So who says waiting for the bus is boring?

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ang saya talaga ng may digital cam, no? hobby din namin yang magpipinsan eh... hehehe... ang mag-pose! and it's never a bore when you're with friends!!! di ba???

By Blogger Mel, at Tue Jul 05, 05:02:00 PM  

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