a little respect
Thursday, March 10, 2005

Living abroad, can be very difficult especially when you are away from your family and you loved ones. You don't expect your mother to fix your clothes and prepare your food for you. You can't have your father pat you on your shoulder and ask "how are you". Worst of all is you have to deal with conflicts and problems coming into your life by yourself most of the time. Basically we are walking in an unknown path without any guide but perhaps only God's intervention. But sometimes these burdens become too much to handle so we look for people who can assist us in times of trouble. As human beings, it is our instict to look for others, be a part of a social niche, or belong to a circle of friends. In the end, this group of people creates a special bonds with each other's heart. And somehow these people are no longer just people, but family.

I feel bad everytime I see Filipinos here in my school fail to show any support to their own countrymen. Until now I can't find the reason why most of the time we tend to become a little bit selfish and insensitive to what other people might feel. Take this evening as an example. Joycie, one of our Pinoy seniors, was in a singing contest. It might not be the Singapore Idol, yet a competition like that could bring tons of stress to a person. And yet, only 4 Pinoys showed up to watch her, not even half of the population. But the point is, there's only a few of us here and the best option for us is nothing but support each other and just be there no matter what.

It's just too bad for me. I thought we are family here. Three years might be too short for a strong friendship to be formed. But I believe that this number is still worth more than an "unfinished tutorial". Joycie is in her final year, this is the last time she could join her hall's talent time. I think it is just right to give her a bit of our prcious time. A little respect for our "lola" is just a simple way of thanking her for being an important part of our lives. After all, it is very easy of us to waste time slacking. Well if I'm always studying and doing work and busy all the time, I might have a good reason not to go... but I'm not. So I'll be guilty if I didn't watch her perform. Well I guess people are just too busy to care.

So next time someone else or even myself is having a competition, or a birthday, or just any other crap, I won't expect my "friend" showing any kind of support... maybe some... well a little respect will do.

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Hi Mike, thanks sa shout-out, hehe! Pero ok lang na konti lang pumunta, I mean... di rin naman ako nag advertise masyado, eheh. So ok lang, basta may cash prize, HAHAHA! Hindi, pero salamat talaga sa pagpunta. Na-touch ako with your entry. :-)

By Anonymous joycie, at Thu Mar 10, 06:22:00 PM  

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