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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Exams are finally over but it seems that I'm experiencing more headaches now than before. First my internet connection is super lagged and the delays while typing these words are starting to annoy me. Second, my sisters credit card was rejected when I tried to use it to book a flight going to Manila and I cant seem to find any possible reason why I can't use it. Third, providing that I can find someone who is good enough to lend his/her credit card to me so I can book that f*cking ticket, I wont be able to come home after 5 more weeks. Fourth, I have to stay in school for 5 long (and most probably boring) weeks to do a troublesome project as a requirement for second year student like me. And if I fail it, I won't be able to do my Industrial Attachment next year which is gonna be a very big problem once i mess it up. Lastly, as much as I would like to celebrate coz exams are finally over, I cannot. How can I rejoice in all glory if instead of nailing the all my papers, I screwed them up? Now my anxieties are killing me and I'm somewhat losing my apetite and it's killing me. And I'm becoming dull and redundant....

Anyway, here are my reflections for the papers I just had.

Environmental Management

I gotta say the first exam of the semester is already crap. For a subject that requires a lot of memorization, I only memorized a few things including that stupid sound internstiy formula (which I already know since high school). I managed to answer all questions excpet for one where I don't really have a single idea how to approach it. I later found out that the answers to the question are so simple making me feel like a cow. It's a good thing that this is only a General paper so my grade wont affect my honors potential (if there is any). I just have to pass it.

My verdict: Passable

AC Circuits and Machines

This followed the day right after my EM paper. Afte taking this exam, I knew at once that I can not go and specialize with power engineering. The paper is just damn hard! I manage to anwer all questions but I just answered them for the sake of answering them, if you know what I mean. On a positve note, almost everyone found the questions are extremely difficult (so I'm not that dumb after all) meaning I still have a chance to get an average grade.

My verdict: D-C with a possibility to repeat

Semiconductor Fundamentals

The paper turned out to be less difficult than expected, yet I didn;t managed to complete a 10 pt question due to time constraints. Semicon is also not my thing. Also the lecturer sounds like Bisaya which really has nothing to do with the subject but I just want to mention it anyway. paki mo ba?

My verdict: D-C

Digital Electonics

For a subject which I only attended two tutorials and several lecturers I'm already glad that I managed to finish 75% percent of the paper. I didnt finish a 25pt worth of questions though I manage to answer more than half of it so I hope I can get some incentives for that... This subject is very important to me since I'm planning to major in Digital Signals in my final year. So close your fingers with me guys!

My verdict: C

Engineering Mathematics

One hell of a crap.

My verdict: hahaha.

Principles of Economics

Isa pa to. Econs na nga lang papansin pa. Di ko nga pinasukan most of my class eh. I though I'm gonna die but this paper is one of the easiest. It's a good thing that my cramming paid off.

My verdict: can pass

Engineering Fiction: Technology in Literature and Film

It's literature. It's only writing. And everything depends on the lecturer if she finds what I wrote worthy of A or as crappy as F. So bless you miss lecturer.

My verdict: can pass

Well I just have to wait until next month before I face this nightmare. But before that I will try to relax a bit more, have fun and try to lose my virginity. Haha, the last is only a joke but I wont mind if that happens. Oh and anyone with credit card that I can use? I promise I will pay everything back... please please... onegai... twins... la la.... la.. la la...

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Anniversay ng church namin kahapon! astig! merong musical! astig din! astig talaga! hehehe... ang galing ng casts! iba talaga kapag para kay Lord ang ginagawa mo... It is always the best!

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Jeans Model - Wyldfire poses for billboards \m/
Monday, April 04, 2005

If there is something that I love the most from the youth ministry(WIN-WYLDFIRE) I belong, it is the spontaineity of the group. I mean, crazy ideas can just pop anywhere, and before even knowing it, we are already doing stuffs that we wouldn't normally do in public...

For instance last Easter Sunday, while waiting for the bus going to Ate Cla's house we had several nice shots mimicking the Levi's jeans advertisement we see in the billboards. Man, it was so hilarious! It started with, u know, *casual* photos (who doesn't love photos?) and then we started making these poses and stance as if we are real models... heheh... i'm not even sure why we reached that point. It might be becoz we were still "fired-up" from the church service, or that we are too excited from the easter celebration we did later, or that we are simply dorks who love photos. But hey, a small dose of "good-fun" is actually good and can even make you thirst for better ones...

Anyway, these are some of the pics:

while waiting for the bus

While on the bus...

So who says waiting for the bus is boring?

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