saturday fiasco
Sunday, February 13, 2005

hey, it's been a long time since I made my last post! well, what else is new? hehe. today is just one of those days that just passed by without you even noticing it. I can partly blame my not-so-adventurous life for this just-another-boring-day, but what can I do? Especially when the only thing I like to do is just slack around. I'm just a big piece of useless slab. But hey, as I've always mentioned, nothing can stop me from doing whatever it is that I want. Except of course if my parents told me not do it, or my sisters, or if it is totally against the Law. And as long as these rules don't apply, I gotta dig it dude(and dudette, for the sake of a person named ivy)

For instance I got bored several days ago and tried one of these "friendster-like" internet stuffs. So I registered, logged-in, posted some of my pics (I can't believe that the admins actually allowed these montrosities...), browsed some users, messaged them and voila, I got new friends! Well technically not friends, but chat buddies or acquaintances. Nah, you know what I mean. So this is basically keeping me busy for several days now, including the occasional studying and reading of lecture notes, watching some downloaded shows, surfing the net, and posting in online forums. woooh, so who say's i'm not busy?? huh? who?

I'm supposed to watch A Very Long Engagment this afternoon, with... um... no one but myself. sweet... It's a French movie. The story is something like this: there is the couple, and got separated by war becoz the guy has to leave and enlist himself in the army. But he didn't return even after the war has ended. Now the girl hoping that her lover is still alive, "insanely" searched for him, going to different place, asking different people, even looking for signs. Basically, that's all I know. So well, the poin is. I didn't go. I didn't watch it. I went to Jurong Point instead and bought a new personal, one cup coffee machine! I was also tempted to buy this cool mp3 player, worth S$140, 256MB, with FM tuner, voice recorder. It's a very good offer, I must say, but it's still 140 dollars you know. Luckily, I had a gripped of myself and decided not to buy. I guess there's still plenty of chances to buy mp3 players.... hmmm... but I really wanted it...really... much.... Ok enough!

I was so excited about my new coffee maker so upon arriving to my hostel immediately made a cup of coffe and boy it was the best coffee ever. I used this coffee beans from the Philippines called "kapeng barako", it's the best coffee around. Really it's the best. If you are a coffee lover you must try this best-tasting coffee in the world. And if you still don't get it, let me say for the last time that this coffee is the best.

Well kinda tired now, even though I didnt do any physicals today. I just ate too much during dinner. And ate some more after. Good Lord! What a nice day!

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