21 anyos sa Singapore
Thursday, August 24, 2006

Time really passes by so fast that we don't even notice it. I just turned 21 today meaning I already spent about a third of my life, but it seems only yesterday when I entered high school. While I'm officially legal in every part of the earth, which is something I have to look forward to, it's also an astonishing fact that I am no longer that naive, cutesy-looking(??) boy who just graduated elementary school. HIndi na ako "bunsoy" na matatawag. I just turned into a man, which is just another term for "another burden for the society".

Pabigat sa lipunan, langhiya. Haha.

Pero pabigat man o hindi, I think I've changed a lot. Maybe physically and personality I've martured a lot, though not matured enough to decide things for myself without seeking my family's advice or my friends's for that matter. But I did changed. And it's all good... and it's all bad. For one thing, getting older means having more responsibilities, more responsibilities means more chances to commit mistakes, and committing mistakes in an older age is not a good experience. At the same time, when we get older, we get to experience things that older people do (I don't exactly know what I'm talking about here) and we get to decide for ourselves. Our actions, our decisions, will make a big impact on what we are going to be, in the near future. The multiple possibilities, it's something to look forward to because it's exciting... and scary.

But I don't really have to worry because God has plans. I know that He would continute to guide me just like what He's been doing in the past 21 years. On top of that I consider myself lucky to have my family and friends ready to support me. I won't be able to survive these years without their love. And I really really thank them for that.

21 anyos sa Singapore? Di naman siguro mahirap. Sana. But whatever the future has installed for me, I would still face it. I don't really have a choice, do I? Anyways, God will only give me something He knows I could handle. So... bring it on world! Give me your best shot and I will give you mine!!!

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