Monday, August 08, 2005

Last saturday was such a day to remember - NTU-Pinoys beach gathering at Sentosa!

Since it's just the second week of class and everyone is not that busy yet, we decided to head for the beach. You know, just to hang around, learn about each other more, and also to welcome the new batch of scholars (finally after 2 years) from the Philippines! Sunday was Wesley's 20th birthday (yuck tanda mo na!) so we sort of celebrated that as well.

The weather was just great - warm and sunny! Perfect day to enjoy the sand and cold sea water! We ate a lot, played a lot, swam a lot, and ate some more and yet we didn't manage to finish everything. Joyce made some calamares, I and the kids cooked some lumpiang shanghai, some brought chicken adobo, shrimps, and roasted chicken! Even the thought of those still makes my mouth water.

Cameras were everywhere! After all, meeting up like this is as rare as a diamond. naks! Too bad, some of the juniors didn't come and just studied all day instead... such bummers... pero kung saan sila masaya, eh di fine...

Anyway, we stayed in the beach until 5pm then we started cleaning up and packing up our things. The sun was about to set, and not a single camera loving person would miss that opportunity to have some great shots. So we went to this small island through a hanging bridge, climbed up a sort of a wooden tower, and there we had the best view we could have. You can see the distant islands, the large ships and boats, and the big ocean extending in the horizon. And I just thought, how beatiful this world is, and the One who created all of it.

Afterwards, some people went home already, but some of us stayed for the Musical fountain. Damn, I was so glad that I stayed. I already forgot how the musical fountain could be that enticing! It was truly magical. I was smilling, no, grinning throughout the show and I felt like all my worries, my weariness vanished together with the water..

And yet, everything must end. It was time to call it a day. I slept on the bus on the way back to Boonlay. I was tired, yet I was glad. Well in fact, I still am. Thank God it was Sabado.


pictures will come later

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