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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Damn, I can't even think of a proper intro. So I guess I'll just go straight to the point.

I've been thinking a lot lately, about my life. Reassessing myself, pondering about my purpose in this world, and I found out that it is as complicated as the Micropressor Applications lab manual I've been trying to understand for the last hour. Well nobody in this world may have the clearest idea of their purpose in life, but at least most of them got this small picture.

The reason why I'm saying this is because I find that I'm not leading to anywhere. There might be a lot of things that I wanted to do, events that I yearn to be a part of, yet I always end up empty handed, bored and unsatisfied. I'm a typical pinoy with a "ningas-kugon" attitude, magaling lang sa simula. But in the end I'm just another loser.

I can sing, dance, act. You can flatter me by calling me multi-talented. But the point is I've never excelled to any of these three, I'm only good, not excellent.

I wanted to excel on something, whether it might be on arts or science. I wanted to leave a mark that would remind people that I did well on something. That something doesnt necessarily be big, I just dont want to face God as a mediocre and an average person. I wanted to show Him that all the talents that He gave me are utilized for the best purpose and become a testament to His gloriousness.

I might be at loss right now, but I know that God will shine His light upon my path and will lead me to whatever plan he has set upon me. It might be different from the vague shadow I have now, but whatever it might be I know it would be only for the best.

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i dont want to sound like preaching but i felt the same way before, its seems like every path i take leads to nothing, like an endless journey. if u have read alchemist ull probably know what the personal legend that was discussed, probably u're just dont know what ur personal legend is, or might be overwhelm and confuse on the solidarity of life, might be boredom i guess..

i personally dont excell in anything. i have affinity to arts but due to sudden priorities needed to consider i need to take faculty of science instead.

i hope everything will work out for u soon...
gud luck on everything dude..

By Blogger france, at Mon Aug 01, 04:54:00 AM  

hey hey...pag nababasa ko mga entries mo nakikita ko sarili ko. sana hindi na tayo maligaw. hehe

By Blogger k0r!nNa, at Tue Aug 02, 12:30:00 AM  

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