Monday, February 05, 2007

Have you ever had that day when you're sad and you don't have any idea how and why you became sad in the first place? The worse thing is you can't think of anything that would cheer yourself up so in the end you get more depressed and even sadder that everything around you sucks with no apparent reason at all!

And what a great way to revive a blog.


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21 anyos sa Singapore
Thursday, August 24, 2006

Time really passes by so fast that we don't even notice it. I just turned 21 today meaning I already spent about a third of my life, but it seems only yesterday when I entered high school. While I'm officially legal in every part of the earth, which is something I have to look forward to, it's also an astonishing fact that I am no longer that naive, cutesy-looking(??) boy who just graduated elementary school. HIndi na ako "bunsoy" na matatawag. I just turned into a man, which is just another term for "another burden for the society".

Pabigat sa lipunan, langhiya. Haha.

Pero pabigat man o hindi, I think I've changed a lot. Maybe physically and personality I've martured a lot, though not matured enough to decide things for myself without seeking my family's advice or my friends's for that matter. But I did changed. And it's all good... and it's all bad. For one thing, getting older means having more responsibilities, more responsibilities means more chances to commit mistakes, and committing mistakes in an older age is not a good experience. At the same time, when we get older, we get to experience things that older people do (I don't exactly know what I'm talking about here) and we get to decide for ourselves. Our actions, our decisions, will make a big impact on what we are going to be, in the near future. The multiple possibilities, it's something to look forward to because it's exciting... and scary.

But I don't really have to worry because God has plans. I know that He would continute to guide me just like what He's been doing in the past 21 years. On top of that I consider myself lucky to have my family and friends ready to support me. I won't be able to survive these years without their love. And I really really thank them for that.

21 anyos sa Singapore? Di naman siguro mahirap. Sana. But whatever the future has installed for me, I would still face it. I don't really have a choice, do I? Anyways, God will only give me something He knows I could handle. So... bring it on world! Give me your best shot and I will give you mine!!!

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Some logic
Saturday, September 17, 2005

I hate quitters.

I am a quitter.

I hate myself.

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Feeling H.S.
Thursday, August 25, 2005

Feeling high school ako ngayon. At bakit naman? Ang bigat-bigat kasi ng backpack ko... @_@


meron akong katabing dalawang "mainit na babaeng taga-Pransiya" (isa sa kanan, isa sa kaliwa) dito sa EEE i-Hub... sorry di ko pwedeng sabihin sa Ingles kasi baka mabasa nila... wahahaha... grabe, kumakabog ang dibdib ko... tugudug... tugudug...

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Bday ko!
Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hi! Today is my birthday! And I just skipped my laboratory session this morning just to tell you. hehe. It's only a 1 A.U. module so no need to worry, just have to put more effort with my formal report to compensate with the one I just missed, I mean skipped. ^_^ (*fyi* I skipped 2 sessions last semester and still managed to get a B... lolz!). Besides, people who are celebrating their birthday are allowed to skip their lab session no questions asked!

Anyway, I'm just so blessed to have another year in this beautiful world. There were so many good things that happened to me as well as bad things. I'm just thankful that I was able to experience all these and managed to stay alive.

I'm grateful that I have friends who are always there to cheer me up everytime I'm down and troubled. Their presence and the support they always give me are things that I would always cherish and give importance with. I know there were times that I feel that our friendship may be too shallow and full of pretence but I was wrong. The kind of relationship we have now is very far from being shallow. And I thank you guys for it. (Thanks for the cake and the gift, I appreciate it a lot!)

I just wished that I can celebrate my birthday with my family. It's been 3 years since I last celebrated this special day with them. Even though my mother would only make her special "pansit" it doesn't matter coz what's important is that we were together. But I'm still thankful to God for always watching over my family. I know that someday I will be able to celebrate my birthday with them again.

I am looking forward for the days to come. They might not be as smooth as I want them to be but nevertheless I will still face them in full vigilance and zeal. Obstacles and barrier will put me down but not for long because I will rise up again stonger with wisdom through the presence of my friends, family and especially God.

Thank you Lord. Thank you Father.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

lahat sila.. pare-pareho...

katulad ka din pala nya...

sayang... ^_^"

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Jam and HOp at the QUAD
Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sometimes, if you feel you are in a corner and cannot escape, wait coz someone or something would come and save your ass.

Around 7.30 pm last night I was choosing between studying and slacking when I received a text message from Czarina, inviting me to go with her roomate in the Jam and Hop (it was a jam band competition) at the Quad. Since going there would be a very nice reason not to study, I decided to become a delinquent.

The competition was organized by NTU-Students Union and I was so excited because it was the first time I'm going to such event. AFter washing my face, and wearing a pair of jeans and a sleeveless shirt, I immediately left my room. While walking on north spine parking level, I can already hear some music playing (the competition must have started, I thought). The excitement made me walk faster. I wanted to see the crowd and join the fun already! And when I turned right towards the Quad, I was so surprised! There were quite a number of people, but much less than what I was expecting.... I later found Czarina and her roomate (forgot the name, sorry... ^_^) sitting on the 4th row).

If you're watching a jam band, isn't it better to enjoy the beat, clap you hands, and even jump around instead of just being sucked-ass whimps on their seat doing totally nothing???

I understand that most of the people there were just after the 3-dollar movie passes promised to be sold (which they did eventually) but at least show some interest to the performing groups. NTU students are so passive! Listening intently but remaining static during a band performance, for me is a big sin in the music world! These people even have the face to sit in front. What I mean is, if I am the band, I would appreciate it more if people show more interest to what I'm doing. And if the audience last night are more active, I guess everyone might have enjoyed the event more.

Anyway, another added attraction were the free booz! Yeah baby! Free beer c/o Singapore's tiger bear, which I never really liked by the way (San Ming/Red horse, still the best!). Sadly I didn't even go for one battle coz I havent eaten anything for dinner aside from the french fries Czarina gave me (binigay nya rin sa kin yung initial d shirt na kasama nung goodie bad na napanalunan nya! yey! bait talaga ni charing!). Too bad, eh? Especially if you see people around you slurping on free drinks which only happens in a million years in NTU. But oh, well, at lest I had my free fries! hehehe

If you dont know the band playing, and tring to figure out why the hell you are there, just relax and enjoy the music, go with the flow, and you'll feel great about it.

The best part of the night, I must say, was when Electric, a local band in Singapore, performed and brought the event's climax. At first I didn't know who the hell is electric. I even learned that they are a local band from the announcements of NTUSU. But man, they rock! They really rocked the house! Who says Singaporean can't excel in music? Wel truly this is an exemption. Electric! I'm trying to compare them with other bands (pinoy bands, hehe) and they are of the same caliber with Eraserheads and even Wolfgang! I especially like the keyboardist coz she's so pretty! hehehehe... But how come I didnt know that such band exist here in Singapore? Maybe I'll try to lower my ego and start to know the local music scene, eh? Well, probably... Sana makabili ko ng album nila.. haha...

The program ended around 10.30 after announcing the winner. The Malay group, which I think should have won it, didn't even manged to land in 3rd place. Hall 15 Jam Band, won the first price. I guess that will happen if you bring a lot of friends in a popularity contest.

Said goodbye to czarina and her roomate then went to McDonalds at Canteen A. Glad they were still open that time. Bought my favorite, quarter pounder with cheese meal and walked back to my hostel...

I was so tired that I went to bed right after I've eaten. What a pig... (of course I brushed my teeth... ^_^)

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